Switchgrass Delta in Ireland!

June 2019!

The TVAMP band, Switchgrass Delta, began playing music several years ago and worked hard to make enough money to travel to Sasayama, Japan in 2017. Unfortunately their lead guitar player was injured in a football game two weeks before that trip and their hopes, to be the Walla Walla Sister City’s representatives, were dashed.

Luckily, the band had acquired trip insurance (YAY!) and with a little more planning (and a lot more saving) they switched gears and headed to the Homestay Ireland Music School in County Leitrim, Ireland. Shortly after the music school plans became firm, Switchgrass was invited to perform at the Westport Bluegrass Festival in Westport, County Mayo. Luckily the band had almost an entire year to prepare and they worked hard to perfect their playlist and stage presence.

The band opened the Main Stage at the Westport Bluegrass Festival and had a wonderful performance. They also got to visit many historical sites, traveled extensively in western Ireland and learned a lot about the culture by staying with an Irish family. A concert performance in a local pub and attending an Irish music festival made the ten day trip’s focus truly musical, and educational.

We would like to thank everyone who supported Switchgrass Delta in their many concerts and fundraisers and made this amazing experience a reality!
TVAMP and Switchgrass Delta!